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Birth Mother & Son Reunited


Susan and Don, I want to take a long overdue moment to reflect on the wonderful life changing experience you enabled for myself and my family.  Through your thoughtfulness, diligence, commitment and know-how, you guided me through my search process for my biological family culminating with a successful reuniting after 49 years of uncertainty and emptiness.  Your skill, caring, and exacting assessment of information was overwhelmingly impressive.  I simply could not have done this without your extraordinary effort.  You coached and prodded me when needed and were always sensitive to my feelings as well as those of my family members.  

As a result, I have met and developed a meaningful relationship with my birth mother that I very much cherish and although my birth father has since passed, I was blessed and amazed to discover much about him and the fact that I have a significant number of siblings, cousins, and extended family.  

So for me and my family, the journey of the search process continues but with optimism and clarity that could only have been possible with your help, understanding and compassion. 

I am forever grateful and indebted to you both.

Thank you so much!

Matt, Megan, Aislan & Eli - TMC reunion stories

Reunion - Birth Parent - Part 1


I wanted to publicly thank my friend Susan Palma, of The Missing Connection. Susan invested her passion to answering my questions on who my biological family is.

Thanks to her hard work and tireless dedication and research over the past 18 months, TMC found my half-sister Mary and my birth mothers side of the family in June of 2017. God bless you. Thank you for all you’ve done for me.  My journey still has not ended. Even though I have been reunited with my birth mother's family I continue my journey with TMC on finding my birth father and his family. 

I have been truly blessed.

Kevin - Reunited Adoptee

Reunion - Birth Parent - Part 2


Now that I had been reunited with my birth mother’s family in June 2017, 

I wanted TMC to find my birthfather.

With the suggestion of TMC, I took a DNA test. Thru the results, a cousin was able to point TMC in the right direction for the birthfather's side. I was reunited with my birth father, his 12 siblings and 2 half-brothers’ in December 2017 My father had no idea I existed. He is a genuinely nice man. We are taking it one day at a time trying to build a relationship. 

 The whole family have accepted with open arms and I feel a great deal of love for and from them. I have been blessed greatly with the gift of family. All of this was possible because of a simple letter from Susan, asking if I wanted to search for my birth family. I owe her my eternal gratitude. I wouldn’t have known any of my story or any of these wonderful people if it had been for her!! If you are searching for answers, I can’t recommend her enough. Contact Susan at The Missing Connection she can help you connect with your birth family.

Kevin – Reunited Adoptee 

Just In Time For My Reunion



Susan reunited me with my birth mother, birth mother's family and siblings. She made the right connections so that made it all became possible. The reunion came just in time with my birth mother. I was able to meet her six months before she passed away. I am ever so thankful to have met her. My siblings and I have developed great relationships. 

Susan is truly changing lives. 

Robin​​-Reunited Adoptee

Birth Mother & Daughter Reunion


I want to thank The Missing Connection for reuniting myself, my birth mother and siblings. Susan's passion for reconnecting long, lost family members that are separated by adoption has been a life changing experience for myself and my family. 

Reunited Adoptee, Birth Mother & Siblings

Brothers Reunited after 70 Years


 17 yrs ago, I was told about an unknown half brother & half sister . After 3 yrs of searching & finding nothing, I stopped.  In 2016 my half brother asked Susan to look for his birth mother, & upon finding her death notice, she found my name and my whole brother's name.  After reaching out to me to see if I was willing to talk to our half brother, I said absolutely.  The next day we spoke; 2 weeks later we met.  The similarities were astounding. We had the best 21 months of sharing, happiness, love,  laughter & tears before Tom died March 2, 2018.  I will always be grateful to Susan for connecting us & filling a void in both our lives. 

Paul, Ron and Tom - 4-Ever Brothers Reuntied

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Adoptee, Birth Dad & Siblings Reunited

I am grateful for sue helping me find the missing pieces of my life. I found my birth dad, 3 sisters


I am grateful for Sue helping me find the missing pieces of my life. She was able to find my birth dad, 3 sisters and 4 brothers. I am very grateful for this whole experience. 

She is an angel.

WWII England Baby.....Reunited with U.S. Family



My name is Chrisella but I am known as Chris, I was born, in London, England in 1945. I am the result of a war time romance between my mother and an American soldier. I never met him but always knew of him. I searched for him for many years without success. When Susan and Don moved to Virginia they met my daughter who has lived there a long time. When they heard of my story they agreed to look into my case. In 8 months they had found my family. We had an emotional meeting 5 years ago. Although my father had passed away, I met the lovely people in the above photograph. That is me on the far left as you look at it. We are still in touch and communicate often. I shall be forever grateful for all Susan and Don have done for me and recommend them to anyone who wishes to connect with their past. 

Chris from England Reunited 

with U.S. Family

Long, Lost Cousins


 Many thanks to Susan for reuniting me with a 2nd cousin. Unfortunately, my  birth mother passed away many years ago. My 2nd cousin was able to tell me about family and where they had come from. Being in my 70's I thought all was lost knowing. Susan has been able to put the missing pieces together for myself and my immediate family. She is now in the process of locating my birth father's side of the family. I am looking forward to the other half of my journey. Mary - Reunited Adoptee  

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Birth Father Found...To Late


 I would highly recommend Susan Palma of The Missing Connection to anyone who is looking for long, lost loved ones. 

Susan located my birth father’s family.  Unfortunately, my biological father had passed away in 1994. He never had any other children. I was very excited that TMC found my birth father's family but it was bitter sweet that I was unable to meet my birth father. 

Susan went the extra mile with myself and birth family. She traveled with me for the big family reunion.  She was there from the beginning of the search till the reunion with support all the way.

I am very lucky because to this day I still have an amazing relationship with my birth father’s family. Susan is one amazing person with a passion for finding people. I am so grateful  

that she was able to find my birth family! She is an angel to many people. 

Thank you, Susan, for all you do.

​So blessed! 

Kim – Reunited with Birth Father’s Family 

Let TMC reconnect you with your Long, Lost Birth Family......It is never to late!


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