Susan Palma, Investigative Genealogist, Adoption Search Specialist and Reunion Intermediary

My name is Susan Palma and I am an Reunited Adoptee. I am an Investigative Genealogist, Professional Genealogist, Adoption Search Specialist and Reunion Intermediary. 

My business focuses on locating birth families that were separated by adoption and reuniting the long, lost family members after years of separation. My experience is combining genealogical, historical data and records. I have been doing this type of research for over 25+ years. 


The consultation is free. With this, I will let you know what to expect thru the search process. A written contract with the cost of the search will be provided to the client.  I will discuss what might happen once your long, lost relative is located. I act as a Intermediary for every client. Guide you thru the Reunion process. 

I work with you to make sure you're prepared for all possible outcomes for your search. 

​When speaking with long, lost family members that want to look, I always tell them to never give up. Life is full of twist and turns. You just never know they could be looking for you!


Free Consultation

  • Adoptee Search
  • Birth Mother Search 
  • Birth Father Search
  • Birth Sibling Search
  • Birth Family Search
  • Sibling Search
  • DNA Genetic Analysis
  • 3rd-Party Intermediary
  • Keepsake Heritage CD or Binder


Free Consultation

  • Family Tree Charts
  • Family Tree Charts Extended
  • Census Records Research
  • Birth & Death Records Research
  • Marriage Records Research
  • Naturalization Records Research
  • Immigration Records Research
  • Passenger Arrival Records Research
  • Probate Records Research 
  • Newspaper Article Research
  • Obituary Research
  • Land Record Research
  • National Archives Research
  • Library of Congress Research
  • LDS Research
  • DAR Research
  • Family Tree Review
  • Family Bible Review
  • Family Relative Interviews
  • Keepsake Heritage CD or Binder
  • Family Reunion Planning

Genealogy Projects are individually priced by an hourly rate or flat rate.   Depending on your genealogy or family tree research with the amount of   research requires in the U.S. or the area of the world to be researched and

the time period of the research.

We can help you reach your genealogy goals. 

We will be happy to speak with you.


We require you to fill out the form on the "Contact Us" Page. 

We will be in contact with you within 48 hours. ​

You may also contact us directly at 703-994-2422 to discuss your adoption/long, lost family search or genealogy research.

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